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Updated 2024

Carlyn Beccia
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Carlyn Beccia: Author and Illustrator
Carlyn Beccia: Author and Illustrator

Welcome to my bright corner of the internet. That’s me, hoping the camera doesn’t steal my soul. (Spinning fast helps.)

This updated table of contents will help you find the topics that most interest you. These are not necessarily my most popular stories. But they are the ones that I put out into the world, hoping to make it better. You may find my topic headings strange. But I believe we read to feel — to learn, enlighten, escape, cry, laugh, and for one brief moment, step inside a world so different from our own.

Here are my doorways. Choose wisely…

Love Advice

Because you believe love is a powerful verb.

The Science of Sex

Because science is more fun with sex.

Weird History

Because you are the person who always turns the dinner conversation into hushed silence.

Art History

Because you want to make museum visits more interesting.


Because you can’t stop people-watching.




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