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Carlyn Beccia
Author & illustrator. Editor of The Grim Historian. My latest books — MONSTROUS: THE LORE, GORE, & SCIENCE and THEY LOST THEIR HEADS. Contact:

Can a child’s name change their destiny?

Artwork: © Carlyn Beccia |

That time Hemingway had a chest hair fight with Max Eastman

Artwork: ©Carlyn Beccia |

I spy Rembrandt’s wandering eye and Mona Lisa’s high cholesterol

The Sistine Madonna, Raphael, 1513–14 | Public Domain

In case you ever made a regrettable parenting decision

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

What really happened the night Marilyn serenaded JFK?

Monroe sings to John Kennedy during the Madison Square Garden event, 1962 | Public Domain

And is it art or science?

The “Venerina” or “Little Venus” anatomical model by Clemente Susini, 1782 Wellcome Images, CC by 4.0

And the one you should listen to

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

Find the sweet spot between hubris and pride

Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

Artwork: ©Carlyn Beccia |

And the one lesson we can learn from them

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